Amir ElSaffar

This project aims to revive, temporarily, the practice of Stambelin in the the streets of the Medina of Tunis during the period of the DreamCity Festival Tunisia, and in 2020 to bring this ritual to the streets of several European cities and beyond.

The music will be performed by a transnational ensemble led by Amir ElSaffar on trumpet consisting of 12 musicians from Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, and Nigeria. Although these musicians come from a wide geographical area, their basic musical language and ritual practices have many similar features.

Through a collective ritualistic practice open to participation and integration, this project strives to address the page of human history that is slavery and unequal power dynamics, by creating a unique space for meaningful interactions between peoples, beliefs, histories and aesthetics of sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa, creating the conditions for collective healing and the reconstitution of lost connections.

This project is made possible with the support of DOEN Foundation, U.S. Embassy Tunis, Ministry of Cultural Affairs -Tunisia وزارة الشؤون الثقافية – تونس, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) – Embassy of Switzerland in Tunisia / سفارة سويسرا في تونس – International Cooperation Division (DCI).

A clip from the Stambeli Residency in September 2019