Maqam Fest 2015 Is Here!

Alwan for the Arts’ biggest event of the year, curated by Amir ElSaffar, will take place Friday, January 9, at 7 pm. Celebrating a diverse range of ensembles from around the world that pay tribute to the maqam tradition  while bringing unique and fresh perspectives to the music. This year, ElSaffar will perform with two ensembles, the resident Alwan Ensemble, which performs classics from Aleppo, Baghdad, and Cairo, and the Two Rivers Ensemble, which performs Amir’s unique blend of Iraqi Maqam and contemporary jazz. Click here for more info! Also, you can catch Amir at the APAP World Music pre-conference on January 9, where he will be speaking at a panel on Community Innovations, organized by Rock Paper Scissors. 

Watch the Two Rivers Ensemble at Newport Jazz Festival